Assessments - The assessments are used to determine where you are mentally and physically as pertains to your wellness and gives us a starting point.

Blood Type - Your blood type determines which foods, supplementation, and exercise are better for you and your goals.  It also tells you the best ways to relieve stress.

Diet/Exercise Chart - A daily chart for diet and exercise is provided to help keep you on track of daily intake and output.

Accountability Partner - Focus is your accountability partner. You will receive emails and text messages checking on your progress. You will be reminded of your goals and recommendations to make your transition to a healthy lifestyle as easy as possible.  Weekly/biweekly phone or skype sessions will be part of your program to discuss and work through issues that prevent progress.

Knowledge - It is highly recommended to follow blogs and facebook for great ideas and suggestions for handling many issues.  It also makes you think about things such as food politics, food issues, health issues and so on that you should be aware of to stay healthy.