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Food Allergy Test

An allergy is an unusual reaction by the immune system to a substance that is usually not harmful. The immune system protects the body from foreign substances (antigens) by producing antibodies to fight them. Usually, the immune system ignores harmless substances and fights only dangerous ones. An allergic reaction develops when the immune system falsely depicts an innocuous substance as a harmful one and attacks the innocuous substance with histamine. Histamine creates the irritating symptoms affiliated with allergies. It is estimated that about 24 million Americans suffer from allergies.

Food allergies have been linked to metabolic slowdown, hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue and even disease. Laboratory tests have been created to help evaluate the body's immune response to food and environmental substances.
Traditional food allergy tests identify only the triggers of immediate (lgE) allergic reactions but our test evaluates the sources of delayed (lgG) reactions or difficult to connect allergies whose effects may not show up for hours or even days after exposure.