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Health Check + Vitamin D

This is a superlative test for your yearly physical.  Health Check Plus w/ Vitamin D (CWP+D) test all the body's systems plus more. The CWP+D evaluates the health of the heart, kidneys, thyroid, immune system, and liver. It also screens for anemia, inflamation, infections, diabetes, hypoglycemia, minerals, and vitamin D deficiency.
The CWP+D test should be done annually for maintenance of a healthy body.  It will flag any abnormalities in bodily functions and vitamin deficiencies.  Both if caught early can be corrected.  Preventing serious health problems and possibly death.
Some of the evaluations included in this test are:
                                                                            Basic Thyroid Panel
                                                                            25-hydroxy vitamin D (sun and dietary sources)
                                                                            Uric acid
                                                                            Total Protein

Prevention is the practice of good health.  What you don't know can hurt you.