Top qualities stated by previous and current clients:                                                                              
Personable, Expert, High Integrity, Great Results, Creative and Good Value

Dee is an amazing person. She is dedicated to both her clients physical fitness and her own. I have known Dee for many years and 100% endorse her for those seeking her services.
- Dr. Brady Hurst, Functional Medicine Practitioner

In the meantime, I consulted with a friend of mine, Dee Ragin, who is a wellness coach, fitness instructor and resident Diva of Holistic Solutions. She suggested I cut out gluten to help eradicate the cyst. It was the first time I heard that gluten may be related to the growth of ovarian cysts. I had already been having issues with gluten giving me digestion issues, so it made sense to make the change. I noticed a difference in the level of pain almost immediately-- and after a few months, I stopped having cyst pain altogether.
- Sara 'Parker' Harris, "On Air Talent", CBS Atlanta 
When I began working out with Dierdre over three years ago, I suffered from a shoulder injury as well as knee surgery that somewhat limited my physical activity. Over time, the routines Dierdre created addressed my weaknesses and allowed me to gain enough strength to surpass my fitness goals. My well-rounded workout routines were interesting and constantly changed to challenge different muscle groups. Balance and core strength were emphasized, with special attention paid to proper technique to prevent any workout related injuries along with consistent stretching routine and supplement recommendations. She is encouraging, creative, professional and has excellent interpersonal skills. 
I attribute my increased strength, flexibility and even my improved golf game to my personal training sessions with Dierdre. Supplement recommendations have also made minor aches and pains more bearable.
At 60+, Dierdre has been instrumental in assisting me in staying physically fit and maintaining general good health. She comes with my highest recommendation to assist anyone in improving their fitness levels, regardless of their current situation. I am going to miss her and wish her the best of luck on her venture to California. I know she will do well.
-Dennis Lockhart, President & Chief Executive Officer Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank

I have been working out with Dee Ragin, on and off, for over 4 years. I wouldn’t say I’m enthusiastic about hitting the gym and that’s where Dee has played a major role in my life. We started out meeting, with Dee being extremely flexible, depending on my business travel schedule. Dee tailored my routines to the time I could commit. She took time to get to know me, not just physically as my trainer, but emotionally, as a coach. She recognized when certain situations outside of our training time negatively affected my performance and offered advice on how to minimize those interferences. I appreciated her personalized approach. More recently, as I increased my dedication to being in the gym, much to my disappointment, I was gaining weight. Frustrated, I reached out to Dee for possible solutions. True to her character, she took time sit with me and review what was happening in all aspects of my life to figure out the problem. She coached me on nutrition, including supplements, to change the way my body was functioning. She introduced me to yoga and meditation. I lost 7 pounds the first week. I’m grateful for knowing Dee, for being under her guidance and working towards my goals with her cheering me on.
- Elizabeth Kelly, Strategic Account Manager, EMD Sorono 

Focus on Fitness (Dee Ragin) truly changed my life - from the bottom of my heart. Not only has my posture improved tremendously - naturally resolving all of my back pains, but I have also lost over 10 + lbs and kept the weight off for over 6 months. Maintaining a gluten and dairy free diet due to my O blood type is difficult, but with Dee by my side I know that my overall wellness is important and I can maintain this type of lifestyle no matter what comes my way. 
- Stacia Lorenze, Graphic Artist

I am a 56 year old mother of three. Over the past 10 years my weight had gotten out of control. Exercise was the only thing that seemed to keep me from continuing to gain BUT I still was not really losing much weight or inches. Dee started training me over a year ago and I feel truly better than I felt 15 years ago. I am definitely stronger than 15 years ago. I don’t even know how to describe how much my core has strengthened. It had easily been 20 years since I had done any ab work. I know - it sounds ridiculous but it is true. Dee's program for me has absolutely changed my life. She expects you to work hard and she motivates you to do things you would have never thought you could have done. (Even still today she shows me exercises and I think...NO WAY....BUT I can do them and every month I am stronger, more balanced and have more energy than the month before. She also has such tremendous knowledge of the dietary side of it too. My friends and family say they have seen a total transformation....Not only in physical shape but emotionally too. I FEEL GREAT. I am confident. I like the way I look in my clothes for the first time in many years. I look forward to my workouts with Dee! I recommend her all the time. People at the gym come up to me often and tell me how good I look and they have seen such a difference. That is so motivating and only continues to make me proud of all my accomplishments. I WOULD NOT BE WHERE I AM TODAY WITHOUT DEE. I trust her totally. YOU SHOULD TOO!!! 
- Patsy McDonough, Executive, AT&T

Dee is a wonderful Personal Trainer. Not only did she spend the time to tailor make my weekly workouts to my needs, but she always was punctual, inspirational and fun to work with. I saw results in my appearance, my weight, my strength, and my confidence in a short period of time... all thanks to Dee! Additionally, Dee is trustworth and you end up thinking of her as a friend as well as your trainer. The best of both worlds.
- Katherine (Kate) Martin, Managing Member, Englert Leite & Martin

Dee continues to cultivate her in depth knowledge about personal training as she successfully translates this knowledge to benefit each individual client. Her creativity and commitment to top results are serious assets.
- Julie Fish, Manager, Atlanta Symphony

I worked with Dee on a weight loss and exercise program at the YMCA at Ashford Dunwoody. She was very thorough in her analysis of my food log and offered many good suggestions that were tailored made for me. One of the best sessions was our trip to the grocery store to look at food labels. I have changed my eating habits because of her guidance,loss weight and am more healthy.
- Nancy Nolan, Sr. VP Marketing, Shumacher Group

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