“You have the power to change.  I have the tools to help design your journey to a healthier you.  Together, we will create a personalized system that works for you and your schedule.   You deserve to live a life of vibrant health!  I can help you find balance and create a lifestyle that both energizes and inspires you.”   - Dee Ragin

Dee Ragin is a certified Wellness Coach, Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer. Her FOCUS Fitness program is a personalized prescription for wellness which will change the way you feel and think about your body.

Do you suffer from Depression? 

Has ADHD made your life unmanageable? 

Are you a chronic dieter?

I have dedicated my life’s work to helping people restore their health and rediscover their vitality. I consider myself a Wellness Architect.

There are 3 stages to rebuilding your health and designing your new lifestyle:

            1. Demolition of Dysfunctional Behaviors and Bad Habits
                Isolate the habits that have brought you to your current state/condition of unhealthy disrepair.

            2. Build Your Foundation of Wellness
                Create a blueprint for healthy habits and design your new life!

            3. New Construction of a Healthy Lifestyle
                Put your design in motion and continue building your healthiest YOU.

I discovered my own path to wellness after a 20 year battle with depression, and chronic dieting and over-exercising. I knew I had to make a drastic lifestyle change and re-focus my priorities. Part of that journey was identifying the 5 parts of FOCUS.

                                            itness Rx  

                                            O ptimal Diet 

                                            lean House 

                                            se Your Tools 

                                            tress Management 

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